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About Us


Who are we?

We are a group of people who met through building and developing process and have pooled our experiences ranging from engineering, customer experience, design and yes, - building (more than 40 years at that) to come up with what feel is a better way to build your dream space.

Our vision is that building with high quantities of expensive labour and expensive lumber is no longer sustainabe. Therefore we create exceptional living spaces by utilizing efficient processes and designs that reduce waste of materials, time, and ultimately money, benefiting our customers and our planet.

We believe we have found the sweet spot between modular, prefab and conventional building.  Our designs are modular in spirit, thinking forward to future additions, we use component parts engineered and fabricated by firms specializing in those products.  The component parts are shipped to the site and erected by our experienced team.


What makes us different? 

Our Product – a complete exterior building envelope

Our Speed – the envelope is competed in 12 weeks from purchase (assuming no shortages or weather issues that cause delays)

Our Designs – our designs are eye popping, elegant, steel beamed spaces.

Our Network – we have an extensive network of developers to help you find the right, high quality lot to accommodate your IronSpace.

Where are we located?

Nova Scotia is our home, with offices in Bridgewater and Halifax.

Our IronSpaces are designed to bring the  natural beauty of Nova Scotia's lakes and ocean fronts into your space.

Don't hesitate to contact us to chat about your inspirations and plans!

Mark, Stephen, Angela, Arthur and Dennis.

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