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Our Flexible Mono-Slope Design

The Tuckamore is an iconic East Coast tree whose shape is the inspiration of our mono-slope design, designed to fully enjoy the view from most rooms and withstanding the Nova Scotia elements.  IronSpaces brings a totally different building experience: a building envelope with an interior modular steel beam system, highly insulated panels, exterior steel cladding, and a Scandinavian contemporary design.​


The steel beams soar above you and a wall of windows invites the natural landscape to pour in. The Tuckamore designs consist of a central modular element of 24 ft wide and 24 ft deep, with two wings of 18 ft wide and 20 ft deep. However, many variations are possible. The insulation performance gives you a low carbon footprint. We have decades of experience building in the area and we only use high-quality materials from Canada.​


Because of the high-spec construction, the interior walls are not load-bearing so you have a blank canvas to create any floorplan. Let us show you some examples and brainstorm about your dream layout. We can also help with site preparation, foundation, well, and septic systems.


We provide access to our extensive network of suppliers to help on any, or all aspects of your project. Or you can work with your own preferred contractors.


​Your space. Your rules.

Want to see more floorplans or pricing information?

Floor Plan Ideas

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