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The                             Process

  1. Contact us

  2. Discuss your needs, goals, plans and dreams with us.

  3. Design and Planning Phase: we sign a small contract to start site assessment, technical drawings, floor plans, material choices, planning and building contract. The costs of this design and planning contract will be reimbursed when you sign a building contract.

  4. Build phase: the build can typically start within 6-12 weeks. Next to the site preparation and building envelope, options are:

    • Well

    • Septic System

    • Driveway

    • Heat pump

    • In-floor heating.

We can also connect you to subcontractors for (covered) decks, garages, piers, etc.

We clean any debris from the site and we'll do a walk through together to ensure the envelope is complete and solve issues.

The space is now yours!

You can do the interior yourself, use a preferred contractor / tradesperson from your own network or let us help you with the finishes.


What do you need to do...

  • Ensure your property is an approved building lot or buy one of our recently developed lots

  • Contact Power Company for electrical connection

  • Decide how you want to finish the interior

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